State Medical Chamber of Baden-Württemberg

Organizational structure and tasks

About us:

The State Medical Chamber of Baden-Württemberg is a public corporation responsible for the medical self management. Its work is based on the "Chamber Law for Health Care professions".



Every physician within the federal state of Baden-Württemberg is member of the State Medical Chamber. At present the State Medical Chamber has a total number of  65 100 members, out of which 19 680 work in outpatient and 24 550 in clinical care. 4 460 members are working outside these fields. About 16 400 members are without an active medical occupation.

Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Württemberg, is the seat of the State Medical Chamber. There are four branches in the states counties.

The chamber assembly is the parliament of the State Medical Chamber. The executive committee, consisting of eleven physicians chaired by the president, Dr. med. Ulrich Clever, and the management board together are responsible for the overall administrational work.

Expert groups deal with specialized questions. Further working groups and commissions care for different aspects within the medical profession.

Our tasks:

  • Promoting health prophylaxis of the population and cooperating with other health care professions.
  • Representing the professional interests of physicians as well as consulting politics and administration
  • supervising fulfillment of physician's professional duties
  • promoting that physicians are on good terms with each other
  • taking care that the professional code of conduct is maintained
  • promoting medical education and continuous education
  • ruling medical continuous education and promoting this through information and consultation
  • developing and carrying out means for securing quality in medical treatmentorganizing the education of medical assistants.